THAT'S 法政二!

高3選択講座リレー7 ~Experience an American Classroom~

THAT'S 法政二!

 今回は、英語科の講座として開講されている「Experience an American classroom」について紹介します。


 「Experiment an American classroom」はネイティブの先生が行う選択講座です。講座の内容について、先生に紹介文を英文で書いていただきましたので、日本語での要約文とともに原文を掲載いたします。


 「Experience an American Classroom」は高校3年の選択講座の一つで、難易度の高い課題に挑戦し、英語の技能を伸ばしたい生徒たち向けの講座です。授業内容は年度により受講生の興味関心に合わせるため異なります



Experiencing an American Classroom is a third-year elective course for students who want to challenge and expand their English skills. The class varies from year to year depending on the interests of the students.

One annual project is to read an entire book in English. Even though this is not an easy task but the joy of finishing the book makes it worthwhile.

High school education in the U.S.A. is more student based, you get to explore English in different areas. One year the students learned some Spanish from two students who helped teach the class.

Another year the students learned some Italian since there was an exchange student from Italy who taught them. The class in turn taught the student from Italy about different Japanese culture through English and even dressed her in a yukata.

We also learn about other subjects like Math or History that are taught in a different way then they are taught in Japan. We learn about different cultural approached to holidays. For example, we looked into the differences between Japanese Halloween and how it is celebrated in the U.S.A.

You never know what you can do in English until you try.



 いかがでしたでしょうか?今回の「Experience an American Classroom」を含め、法政二高では例年40~50 個もの必修選択講座が開かれていて、それぞれ工夫がこらされた授業が展開されています。